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Is Your Postgres Query Starved for Memory?

almost 6 years ago | Pat Shaughnessy: Pat Shaughnessy

Like a patient with low blood pressure, a slow SQL query might not be getting the memory it needs. For years or even decades, I’ve heard about how important it is to optimize my SQL statements and database schema.

Get all Items inheriting another template

almost 6 years ago | Sumit Bajaj: Sumit Bajaj's Blogs

Working on different templates and Sitecore items, its very common requirement to knowhow many items are created with a specific templatehow many template are inheriting a base template or another templateSitecore provide this feature out of box however you need to write query to fetch the required items.Open Sitecore IDE (http://localhost/sitecore/shell/default.aspx?xmlcontrol=IDE)Goto Tools -> XPath BuilderWrite XPath Expression:/sitecore/templates//*[contains(@__Base template,'{1FE1328B-375B-4548-A53E-344FA61ACC90}')]In result section, it should show all templates which are inheriting base template with ID {1FE1328B-375B-4548-A53E-344FA61ACC90}.Similarly, query /sitecore/content//*[@@templatename='Promotional Page'] should show all pages (under content) created with 'Promotional Page' template.On top of results, it shows the count of items and time taken to fetch the items.We can use fast query as well instead of query.Note: The above queries are example of specific requirement. Query can be modified to get required items according to project need.URL: Sitecore Query and Fast Query

Weather with Reagent

almost 6 years ago | Rocky Jaiswal: Still Learning

In my last blog I talked a bit about React and ClojureScript. In this post we will look at a simple Reagent app that fetches the weather using the http://openweathermap. ...