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Let us forget the noreply@

about 10 years ago | Eduard Moldovan: eduardmoldovan.com - tech

We all get a lot of e-mails like this, which are sent from a noreply@ sender address. This is their way of telling me not to reply to their e-mails. What if I want to reply?

Convert XML to ArrayCollection

about 10 years ago | Subodh Gupta: Subodh's Blog

If you have an XML and want to use it in the spark's list component, than you need to first convert it into ArrayCollection and that's what we are doing in this example:Lets assume you have following XML:varstrXML:XML = <blog>       <item>              <title>Blog by Subodh Gupta              <author>Subodh Guptaauthor>      </item> </blog> ;var xml:XML = new XML(strXML);var xmlDoc:XMLDocument = new XMLDocument(xml);var decoder:SimpleXMLDecoder = new SimpleXMLDecoder(true);var resultObj:Object = decoder.decodeXML(xmlDoc);var ac:ArrayCollection ; if(resultObj.blog.hasOwnProperty("item")) {      if(resultObj.blog.item is ArrayCollection)      {       ac = resultObj.root.element; }} that's it you are done. Cheers.

The insurgency of quality

about 10 years ago | James Torio: Designing the experience

What comes to your mind when you think of quality? For many of us it is our craft. We think of quality in terms of the code we write or our ability to follow a process such as Agile; the more story points we complete in a sprint, the higher our quality. High quality craftsmanship and process are the […]

Use your feezer more than your fridge?

about 10 years ago | Suman Thareja: Spice it up!..

If you freezer has more food than your ‘fridge’ you want to read this article. I tend to always have home cooked goodies (usually from mom) in the freezer and this article really helped in figuring how to keep it tasting just as good as when it was freshly made. First of all – “No […]

"The part of life we really live is small."

about 10 years ago | Nirmal Merchant: Urban Gypsy

“The part of life we really live is small.” - Seneca

Rahul Dravid - a legend in Test Cricket

about 10 years ago | Prasoon Sharma: Enterprise Software Doesn't Have to Suck

Rahul Dravid is a fantastic cricketer, and a role model for younger generation - focused, hardworking and humble.Dravid recently became the 2nd highest scorer in Test Cricket (Sachin Tendulkar is the leading scorer). His contribution to Indian cricket is enormous and his nickname, "The Wall", is a testimony to his concentration, skill and will that has given India tremendous success in Test cricket. Dravid isn't worshiped in India like Tendulkar. He has played his cricket under Tendulkar's shadow. This isn't because his skill, will or contribution to Indian success is second to anyone. Its just that he lives in the same era as another great cricketer - Tendulkar.Indian test cricket will never be the same when Dravid retires.

Where do good ideas come from?

about 10 years ago | Lalatendu Das: Interpretations of technorealism

"Chance favors the connected minds" - Steven Johnson

Creating your own boundaries

about 10 years ago | James Torio: Designing the experience

It is much easier to follow direction than to blaze a new path. To join another project and do what we perceive as what is expected from our role.  To limit ourselves, our growth, our opportunities by creating our own boundaries. Or even … Continue reading →

Budapest Best Restaurants

about 10 years ago | Eduard Moldovan: eduardmoldovan.com - tech

Molnar Daniel and Szabados Balazs released their first iPhone app. They planned it, they managed its development project. And I took a closer look at it.

Reframe the problem to avoid fools gold

about 10 years ago | James Torio: Designing the experience

When a new project starts, there is excitement around finding the answer to the eternal question of what problem are we trying to solve? Once we identify the problem, we switch gears and strategize the solution. Only to find months later the project did … Continue reading →

Advanced Search

about 10 years ago | Eduard Moldovan: eduardmoldovan.com - tech

Many of us have used advanced searches, where you may configure the search parameters. But in the majority of cases, there is no need for these complecated search functionalities. If still, then they should not be implemented as they are now.

Software G Forces: The effects of acceleration

about 10 years ago | Lalatendu Das: Interpretations of technorealism

Kent Beck delivered this talk at USENIX 2011Abstract:- Effective software engineering is a relative term. As deployment cycles shrink, what constitutes effective software engineering changes radically. Developers must reflect on and choose the right set of software engineering practices based on their release cycle

Learning SAS

about 10 years ago | Prasoon Sharma: Enterprise Software Doesn't Have to Suck

I want to learn the heavy-weight of Statistical softwares - SAS. It seems like the default choice for high-end statistics and I want to understand why.I'm working in the healthcare practice in our firm and want to analyze claims and credit data (Terabytes, 50M+ records). Traditional ways (SQL) are limiting and desktop statistical softwares like R and Stata aren't suitable for such large data analysis. Other contenders (Matlab) don't seem to be in the same league.So, its time to take a deep dive into SAS.I'm looking for some advice to create a learning plan...Good booksI like learning by examples and found this on Amazon - Learning SAS by Example: A Programmer's Guide by Ronald P. Cody)I know some R, so this might be interesting - SAS and R: Data Management, Statistical Analysis, and Graphics by Ken Kleinman and Nicholas J. HortonOthers?Good tutorialsI like video tutorials with examples e.g Statistics202.I also like tutorials from a programmer's perspective betterAnything for SAS out there?Good blogsAnything like R-Bloggers out there for SAS?ExpertsWill start exploring this. If you know of someone, please let me know. Good training courses in New York areaPreferably not the ones run by the company themselves. I'm looking for SAS experts who can run hands-on classesSAS interest groups in New York areaI learn well in a study group. Any meetups?