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Awesome date time plugin

about 11 years ago | Sanjeev Mishra: Sanjeev Mishra's Blog

After a long time, I have seen such a great datetime picker for rails. “Awesome” is just not the word for it :D

Ruby Class with Mass assignable attributes

about 11 years ago | Sanjeev Mishra: Sanjeev Mishra's Blog

Well, this is very weired again, but it seems ruby class does not allow me to have mass assignable attributes as you could do with the ActiveRecord models using attr_accessible or attr_accessor. Its very painful to have too many getters and setters in the class and to assign them manually when you create an object […]

no such file to load — capistrano-ext

about 11 years ago | Sanjeev Mishra: Sanjeev Mishra's Blog

If you are using capistrano and capistrano-ext together, please note that the following line in you environment.rb might not be sufficient: config.gem “capistrano” config.gem ‘capistrano-ext’ In this case, you might get the error : no such file to load — capistrano-ext bla-bla-bla All you need for your app to find the gem (I am assuming […]

How free is your calendar?

about 11 years ago | Biju Bhaskar: Thoughts on enterprise application development and more...

One of the things I am passionate about and I have been working on in my new assignment is to create the next set of leaders from the managers we have. It is a big mental shift for lot of folks. For some it is a great opportunity to learn new skills and become a leader. For very few others it feels like losing their power and losing everything they have created for themselves in the organization. Anyway, I don't expect everyone to make the cut  : )One rule of thumb I gave them was to check how free their calendars were. This tip was given to me by my boss years back. That is a good measure of how much of a micro manager you are. If you are in every meeting, that means that your calendar is full, and most importantly you don't trust the folks to make decisions. Start by not attending few meetings even if you are uncomfortable with it. Empower the team to make the right decision. If you worry that the team is not going to make the right decision, tell the team what you care about... I call it "drawing the box of constraints"... and let them make the decisions within the box so they feel ownership of it. It frees up your time so that you can think more about the big picture...No doubt, its a tough skill to learn.... I am still learning this art of figuring out how much to get involved...How free is your calendar : )

Mocha should be loaded after Shoulda with rails 2.3

about 11 years ago | Sanjeev Mishra: Sanjeev Mishra's Blog

Well, this one really drove me crazy. So I decided to finally pen it down. May this help somebody else in future. This might not be very new, but really crazy stuff. If you are using Mocha and Shoulda both, then please load Mocha after you have loaded Shoulda. Like following: config.gem “shoulda”, :lib => […]

Employee first.. customers second!

about 11 years ago | Biju Bhaskar: Thoughts on enterprise application development and more...

Wow! That is a real bold statement from any CEO, especially from that of an Indian company... This is actually the title of an awesome must read book written by Vineet Nayyar, the CEO of HCL, an Indian IT giant. Indians having grown up seeing only statements like "Customer is the king" "Customer is God" etc, this could be a shocking statement for many. His approach transformed the company... and made them the number one in employee satisfaction and has made HCL one of the fastest-growing and profitable global IT services companies.His approach is very similar to some of the ideas we strongly believe in here. Tranforming traditional command and control managers to leaders (servant leaders) and empowering the folks who really do the work (or create value) is the only way to create a world class organization today. Gone are the days of traditional management style using command and control. It is great to see another example of why this idea works really well..

Flex: Issues with wmode!! – Some workarounds

about 11 years ago | Karan Nangru: Karan Nangru

It is highly likely that if you have at any point of your development cycle fiddled around with the feature called - wmode, then you have landed into some trouble or the other. Brief introduction to wmode: ‘wmode’ stands for Windowless Mode. The wmode parameter is available in the object/embed tags used to place the […]