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Stable version of Chrome released today

over 11 years ago | Lalita Chandel: My View

with new bookmark synchronize features, extensions, incorporation of HTML5 features etc..http://chrome.blogspot.com/2010/05/new-chrome-stable-release-welcome-mac.html

Rebels are important

over 11 years ago | Surbhi Bhati: Clean Desk, Jammed drawers

There are team-mates and there are rebel team-mates. Those who do not like things the way they are, question almost everything thats put to them and have a bizzare way of working that strays almost 180 degrees (I couldnt find the degree button on my keyboard) to the line of normal work pattern.So what do you do with them? Chuck them out? Say they are disturbing the melodious harmony of your super smooth workforce? I say think again. Do you really want to do without them?Maybe not. Rebels are innovative, never-satisfied and always questioning the status queue. Having one of them around could be a great catalyst when you want to reduce waste, deliver just what is enough and keep energy bubbling in your team. Encourage them with appropriate means, try to align them with higher objective goals and see the effect. Who knows, they may end up giving you what you have been looking for everywhere. Or better, they may give you what you yourself coudln't imagine better.I believe its all about people management. Or rather 'good people management'.I could be wrong. but i still think its a nice thought ;-)