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What should you optimize for while staffing an enterprise transition team?

about 12 years ago | Biju Bhaskar: Thoughts on enterprise application development and more...

Recently, we were trying to find leads for an organizational change initiative that we think will take us to next level in software development. Specifically we wanted leads for four different workstreams. There were couple of view points on how to staff the enterprise transition team.Option 1 - Lets staff folks who have shown passion in the areas we pick. Folks who have been thoughtpartners in those areas. For example, for the co-location workstream pick someone who understand the values of co-location and is passionate about it, and have even experimented with their teams.Option 2 - Usually the same set of folks get the opportunity. This time lets give others the opportunity to lead such an initiative. I strongly believe... folks who have been thoughtleaders and passionate about these changes should lead these initiatives. If you are passionate about anything you do, there is a great chance for making it a success, and that is important for the organization. Rewarding such folks, will also send the right message for the rest of the folks. The side benefit is that then it will require less oversight from leadership as they know exactly where we want to get to.Having said that, I am sensitive to the fact that some folks have not gotten the opportunity to lead such initiatives. But, they are responsible for the situation they are in now. They have to show some initiative and thoughtleadership to be picked. As I always remind our folks.... this is a place where you can try and experiment whatever you want to do. Even if you try and fail, it doesn't matter. Then, why are you not trying. What are you passionate about? Find it, and run with it. We are here to support you. Show that your are real leadership material.Anyway, in this case, we came up with a great middle ground. We ended up picking a pair for each workstream. One person who has been a thoughtleader in the area, and another person who has not got an oppurtunity before. We are also going through an exercise to make sure that everyone has a leadership opportunity for next year. What would you optimize for in such a situation?

Cloud Computing - where do we start?

about 12 years ago | Biju Bhaskar: Thoughts on enterprise application development and more...

There is too much to read about cloud computing these days. As usual thereare many folks writing for it and some against. Its so confusing for manyof us. Sometimes its scary too...  especially the arguments being madeabout security, reliability and cost. One thing I can tell you ....everyonewill be using some form of the cloud 3 to 5 years from now. So the bigquestion as an enterprise IT shop is, when/where should we start?If you want to be ahead of the curve.... here are my 2 cents....Start by testing the water. Start with couple of projects in Dev and/or QAenvironments. That will help you understand first hand the pros and cons ofusing cloud. Each organization is different, so what works for one may notwork for other. So why not find out yourself what works for you thanlistening to all pundits who confuses you.From my experience, many new technology projects get delayed because ofthe delay in getting the development environment ready. Instead of blamingyour Infrastructure team for that, why not cater to your business needsimmediately by using cloud for dev. That way, the dev team can startcreating working software first week itself.Even for existing technologies, I keep hearing the complaint that QA isnot similar to Production (obviously due to many interesting reasons :).Instead of complaining, why not start using the cloud so that you cansimulate production like environment. Since it is not real productionenvironment, you do not have to worry about confidentiality of data.Once you get some experience behind your belt, you can decide how andwhen to use cloud for production environment....Thoughts?