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almost 13 years ago | Surbhi Bhati: Clean Desk, Jammed drawers

So the poem below (you know…the collection of lines..in the previous blog, if you can call it a poem that is!!) is my perception of this in this city. It’s a reflection of the fact that you feel so tiny in the vastness of this giant place and don’t even realize how much deep are you immersed into the hustle-bustle. By the way, somehow I am finding myself in a relatively happier mood nowdays. Don’t ask me the reason, as I am always so vague with reasoning..seriously..I am like, I contemplate in my mind for several long miniutes about a thing and then get to the most obvious reason for something that others get to in seconds.. and that too..very naturally!! Anyway, that’s not the point..the point is, I am happy..and the reason might be that I shopped for some rally funky stuff this month (though I still don’t know when and how am I going to utilize it..as I work in the boring software world where you have a proper guideline of what to wear and what not to wear!! Trust me!! It actually happens..Human Rights!!Anybody listening?? Pls HELP) whatever it is..its a nice feeling..i am up and unplugged..and I hope it stays longer..wohoooooooooP.S-- And just now I realized, Italics irritate sooo much!! So I have chaged the style of my blog..hope it looks fine now.

Of Market Research - II

almost 13 years ago | Bhuwan Lodha: What Not to Build

All this while, doing market research, if you have been hunting answers for the "what-the-customer-wants" question, I can give you the answer. Here it comes. The envelope please...Your customer wants a superior product that delivers unique benefits and excellent value.Simple, huh? Let’s look at the word value.Value is a function of the benefits, features, and quality that are built into a product versus the price of the product. The more benefits, features, and quality a product can deliver at a low (or reasonable) price, the more value the product has.“… the more value a product has” Actually, that perfectly-reasonable sounding phrase is misleading. A product does not so much have value as the consumer perceives value in that product. It would be quite convenient if you could simply pour value into a product as you pour a few litres of oil into your car. But value is not an absolute quantity. It is relative. It is a perception.The fact is, no one knows value. Only the customer knows it. (At least he knows it sometimes and about some things. It is actually more a perception, a feeling, a sense.)A nice-PM understands that during market research, it is his job to find out what the customer defines as value in a particular product or a class of product. Some questions that our nice-PM needs to ask that relate most directly to his products value would be:1. What do you look for in product X?2. What criteria go into making your investment decision?3. How important is performance and robustness to you?4. How much are you willing to pay for high performance and robustness?5. What tradeoffs are you willing to make to save money? What features or levels of performance are you willing to live with to save money?

Little more Rambling!!

almost 13 years ago | Surbhi Bhati: Clean Desk, Jammed drawers

The Wakeup call rings, Brings in a Sigh, Yet another day has begun Just to pass by. You set out yet again, To make it an EXTRAordinary day, You step out of your house, And the EXTRA blows away. However much you try, You will always be part of a Rat Race, Its become such a long queue, Someone is gotto be ahead. So why don’t you just take a pause, to think, to take a break, That it doesn’t matter how different you are, But the difference that you make.So, any clue what it means?? Ok, dont bother to answer that one..Even I dont know ;-))