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If you smell something stinking, flog it!!!

about 13 years ago | Gourav Tiwari: easy_software = Agile.find(ruby_on_rails)

Recently, I joined a new project. Before I get started, my tech lead asked me to go through the code first and find complex parts of it, so that during development I will be careful about those areas. I decided to flog it and I came across Ryan Davis's flog tool.What is Flog?It's a tool, which helps you in finding complex areas of your code. More complex code tells you the chances of more bugs. Flog has some smart algorithm which go to methods of a file and gives points to each command/statement of that method. Say, if..else has 5 points, variable declaration has 1 point etc. So if your methods scores more means they are more complex.How to do it?Since I am working on windows(don't ask me why :) ), it took me some time to find how to use this tool. After a little hassle I found it and here I am showing the same, just like A, B, C. if you know a better way to do it, please do add your suggestions and comments.Step A: Install flog as a gem.Open command prompt:c:/>gem install flogStep B: Go to your project folder.c:\>cd my_projectStep C: Just flog it!!!To get all the flog options:c:\my_project>flog -hflog options dirs_or_files -a display all flog results, not top 60% -h display help -I=path extend $LOAD_PATH with path -s display total score only -v verbosely display progress and errors If you want to flog all controllers, following will flog all the *.rb files in your apps\controllers folder:c:\my_project>flog app\controllers\*.rbTo flog controllers, models, helpers and libraries, together:c:\my project>flog app\controllers\*.rb app\models\*.rb app\helpers\*.rb lib\*.rb Sample method and flog score:class PagesControllerdef show @page_title = @page.title @page_mode = "show" respond_to do |format| format.html format.atom { render :layout => false }endend

Agile and Ruby On Rails - hand in hand?

about 13 years ago | Gourav Tiwari: easy_software = Agile.find(ruby_on_rails)

In my last project, I worked as a developer on "Ruby on Rails". The software methodology was Agile (Scrum). Scrum is an iterative incremental process of software development commonly used with agile software development).We particularly picked up 1 week iteration (which is called "1 week sprint"). But why 1 week sprint?I was suspicious whether 1 week iteration would be successful. It works this way, end of every one week development team has to show running and production deliverable code and so on, until the final iteration, when client team(Product Owner(s)) says, that this is the product I want. Advantage is, the client team have much closer look what functionality they want and they get, so they can ask development team to implement those functionality which are more of client's interest. Every week they can prioritize the items and development team work on high priority items only.And how Ruby On Rails fit in this picture?I did not realized this until the last 4-5 sprints, when all of sudden our client team said that they want to modify the core business logic. I thought, is it possible to implement the change when everything is developed and software is 90% ready? And then, we relied upon unit testing with Rspec (see Behavior-driven testing with RSpec) and functional testing by Rspec stories(see telling stories by Rspec).With unit testing in place covering more than 85% code, we were assured that the changes will go smoothly. Rspec stories on the functional side, assured us that business logic would be as per the client team's need.Learning & Best Practices:In the retrospective of the project, I noted following things which can be useful for other projects:Even if teams are in different location(can be tried with different time zones if possible), they should reserve team hours and should be in conference call. It is not necessary that team members should talk during this call, they can work on some other stuff, but if someone call your name in the conference, and say, "Hey Gourav, could you change this text or could you take a look at business logic?", then Gourav should respond to that.Everyday team should meet for 15 mins, everyone should join that meeting, to say what I did yesterday and what is the plan for next day.Developers should show and explain the functionality they have developed to the client team. It's win-win for both. Developers will get nods and appreciation of their work, which is better for the motivation of team and for client team as well, to get quick demo of the functionality they get, to provide quick feedback to development team.Team gets speed when dedicated UI developer joins the team.Team should have dedicated tester, otherwise it puts more burden on BA(Business Analyst)

Be Happy

about 13 years ago | Surbhi Bhati: Clean Desk, Jammed drawers

Be Happy.That you have one more sunset to seeBe HappyThat you have one more day to GleeBe HappyThat you have one more try to choose what not to mindBe HappyThat you have one more moment to be kindBe HappyThat you have one more day at the center of chaosBe HappyThat you have one chance to listen to someone's boohoosBe HappyThat the world is still runningBe HappyThat the birds are still singingBe HappyThat the Miracles happenBe happyThat the god listensBe HappyThat the chances are still brightBe happyThat the hope is still in sight


about 13 years ago | Surbhi Bhati: Clean Desk, Jammed drawers

Sometimes I think, you know with all these advent of Science and Technology, the way we have come so far, and the realization of how far we have yet to go, so scientists is all parts of the world are carrying out researches which are supposed to give us more insight on us, the way we are, the way we behave etc. But I don't understand sometimes what to believe of these researches, I mean one research says, Eggs are healthy for us, another says they are not. One says Milk is good, another says taking Milk is harmful.The point I think is, if you go on doing to much analysis, nothing can be said specifically, because at the core everything reacts differently to different things.So getting what I want to say? NO!!Don't bother, even I don't!!P.S. - Most of the time ;-)

You are here

about 13 years ago | Surbhi Bhati: Clean Desk, Jammed drawers

So, I have just finished Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan's much talked about book 'You are here'. When I first read about it (in some newspaper), I had a great anticipation of reading a book, which talks about women of our generation, something I thought I'd be able to relate to. However as I actually started reading it, I realized I was not at all able to relate to any of its characters. Then I braced myself thinking, it might be because I come from a different social background and all, but even after that, I did not find anything at all in the book, which I can even call appealing, let alone worth reading. You know all the time I was reading it, searching for one single thing which will make me say, 'yeah, its nice', but NO!! I found I was expecting too much of Ms. Madhavan, I mean for all it might just have been a random collection of hundreds of her blogs she has written over the years. Its not even a good timepass. See -- There is no story, and every time something comes up, where you sense a beginning of something interesting, it has to precede first with some random and extra long flashback of some entirely uninteresting past, and more so totally unrelated to the thing going on in present, and it all burst as it had popped up..I am not sure thought you know, I mean I might be a little harsh, due to that fact that I was expecting too much out of it, but still I'd say, it does not account for a good reading at all, and have read some good books (HummYeah..I think I have!!)

Being Women

about 13 years ago | Surbhi Bhati: Clean Desk, Jammed drawers

I wonder how boys can come up every time and comment on how a girl or women is looking fat, out of shape or whatever worse adjective they can come up with. And I can bet all girls, once in their life have asked a question that what is it that makes boys to comment on how a girl is looking, or rather 'should look'. I mean who are you to decide on what are the correct bodily measures for a girl? I mean they sometimes wont even show the decency of not commenting about it in public, and here, I am talking about they guys you know, like you buddy, brother or some colleague you are quite friendly with. They all have got this right about asking you a question if you get that little nanometer out of your normal frame.I can imagine what was it that made only girls to take all the pains in the world to look beautiful, and wats more, you are not considered as a appealing person if you do not do that. Never mind!! I think its just one of the endless unfair things we come across everyday, and care of give a thought about.