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Next Product to Buy – NPTB

over 6 years ago | Ajay Mittal: R Handbook

Next Product to Buy (NPTB) / Product affinity analysis has transformed the retail businesses by suddenly throwing open new insights from data that were not captured by them. This knowledge has empowered the retailers with an ability to understand their business better and use these insights for accurate decision-making. Instead of sending spams to consumers […]

ggplot – Heat and Pie Chart

over 6 years ago | Ajay Mittal: R Handbook

HEAT Map In one of my previous ggplot post, I gave some insight on line, point, bar chart. Lets try to generate heat map using ggplot library. To begin with, I am using below libraries ggplot has no special syntax for heatmap, it uses combination of geom_title and scale_fill_gradient to plot heatmap. Lets try to plot simple […]

R : Basic Bar and Pie Chart

over 6 years ago | Ajay Mittal: R Handbook

Bar Chart Lets take the data frame example from basic line plot.   Group Bar Chart Lets try to plot the group bar chart on 2013, 2014 rainfall from Jan-Dec (rainfall). beside=True play the trick here PIE Chart Lets try to create pie chart with the rainfall data set (rainfall_2014). Try with simple pie chart. Lets try […]

R : Basic Plots

over 6 years ago | Ajay Mittal: R Handbook

R provide basic Plot command to draw line chart. syntax of plot command is :- Lets try to draw plot with various option Lets try to beautify one of the plot. Apology for bad color choice. Just want to show the usage of color with different options.     Line Symbols We can draw lty with below line […]

Step 2 – Sentiment Analysis using Sentiment Library

over 6 years ago | Ajay Mittal: R Handbook

Its been long time, I wrote a post on Sentiment Analysis without using Sentiment Package. In this post, I will use Sentiment Package developed by Timothy Jurka. You can download this package from here. Before installing the sentiment package, you need to install tm and Rstem from CRAN. Sentiment package has two functions that server out […]

Linear Regression – Relation and Prediction

over 6 years ago | Ajay Mittal: R Handbook

A simple linear regression model that describes the relationship between two variables x and y can be expressed by the following equation. y= α + βx+ ε If we choose the parameters α and β in the simple linear regression model so as to minimize the sum of squares of the error term ϵ, we will have the […]

ggplot2 – R way to Visualizing Data

over 6 years ago | Ajay Mittal: R Handbook

I did an analysis on Delhi Assembly election – 2015 and published it on shiny apps, visit into the link and post your comments below. ggplot is an R package for data exploration and producing plots. It produces fantastic-looking graphics and allows one to slice and dice one’s data in many different ways. First, install and include […]

Step 2 – R Sentiment Analysis

almost 7 years ago | Ajay Mittal: R Handbook

In my previous article Step 1 – R Authentication for Twitter, we got to know how to pull tweets from the tweeter. In Step 2, we will look how to do sentiment analysis on the pulled tweeter. We can do this on two ways 1. Write our won code to do Sentiment Analysis. 2. Using Sentiment package […]

Step 1 – R Authentication for Twitter

about 7 years ago | Ajay Mittal: R Handbook

Sentiment analysis – First Step Getting a developer Twitter account You can’t directly pull tweets from the twitter, to do so twitter comes up with OAuth handshake. It is necessary for every request to verify your app. Steps involved to pull tweets from twitter Create an app in Twitter. Go to the https://apps.twitter.com/ and log in with your […]