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How to setup Yeoman in Windows from scratch

about 8 years ago | Suman Paul: My Blog

If you are using Mac or any *nix system you are right at home, but for windows it’s little bit of work. Follow the steps below to get up and running with yeoman in windows system. First Install Ruby dependencies     Install Ruby for Windows from http://rubyinstaller.org/     Open Command prompt     Check ruby version […]

Difference between == and === ?

about 8 years ago | Suman Paul: My Blog

One of favorite interview question on JavaScript which I normally get started with. And it turns out the answer I knew, and in fact invariable everyone who gave the answer,  were wrong. So the answer I expected is == check the value and === check both value and type Well it turns out although from […]

Running E2E for Yeoman generated angular app

over 8 years ago | Suman Paul: My Blog

Yeoman is a great tool. It gives build tool, dependancy management and unit test runner out of the box. But there is no straight way to run the angular E2E test. It needs little bit of configuration. Below are the steps that I do to run E2E test. Yeoman automatically generate karma-e2e.conf.js file. We need […]

Hello World

over 8 years ago | Suman Paul: My Blog