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Know Your Contact – the BlackBerry App you can’t live without!

about 8 years ago | Karan Nangru: Karan Nangru

Having developed quite a few native Enterprise BlackBerry apps, thought of creating this useful BlackBerry App :- Know Your Contact What does the app do? When you save a contact to the BlackBerry phone book, add that most important information you would like to be reminded of  before picking a call from this contact the next […]

Installing Samsung Printer on Ubuntu 12.04

about 9 years ago | Karan Nangru: Karan Nangru

Searching for a printer in my network I found a  Samsung ml 1676 printer. To setup this printer on my Ubuntu 12.04, here’s what I did : Luckily, Samsung provides Universal Drivers for Linux.  I downloaded the Samsung printer driver for Linux from here. (You’ll be downloading UnifiedLinuxDriver_0.92.tar.gz) Don’t worry of your Samsung printer model at this point. […]

Product Box …. worthy Agile Planning, Innovation Game

about 9 years ago | Karan Nangru: Karan Nangru

Product Box is one of the most useful agile games I have benefited from in recent times. This text shall help you understand what it is and how is it useful. Understanding the Product Box Every commodity that you buy from the market is wrapped in a box/cover. This box is the primary medium for the […]

What to EXPECT and what NOT to EXPECT from an Agile Coach…

about 9 years ago | Karan Nangru: Karan Nangru

  Thanks to Lyssa Adkin’s Coaching Agile Teams, I was able to put up a good show at the Agile Tour 2011, India. Infact this book has really helped me grow as an Agile Coach, Master, Mentor…..

GigaSpaces PAAS For Cloud Based Java Applications

about 9 years ago | Karan Nangru: Karan Nangru

Its been quite a while since I presented on Gigaspaces XAP at Indic Threads conference on Cloud Computing, Pune. Here is the video recording of the same……

Ajax Toolkit capabilities @ Salesforce Home Page Component …finally a workaround

about 9 years ago | Karan Nangru: Karan Nangru

Astonishing but true – You cannot select/create a Visualforce page as your Salesforce Home Page Component. The component creation dialog only enables creating custom Links, Image/Logo or HTML Area as a Home Page component. To get a glimpse of what Salesforce developers desire, check this out : http://success.salesforce.com/ideaview?id=08730000000Brk4AAC . Why would you anyway want to […]

Customer: “Although I asked for it….. that’s not what I desired!!”

over 10 years ago | Karan Nangru: Karan Nangru

If you feel the statement above(in any grammatical form) was your plight during your past waterfall projects, then its time you switched your project methodology from waterfall to Agile!!

FLEX: Modular Application Development Using Cairngorm Architecture

about 11 years ago | Karan Nangru: Karan Nangru

Delimiting the scope of work involved in merging Cairngorm based Flex Modules and Applications.....

Flex: Issues with wmode!! – Some workarounds

about 11 years ago | Karan Nangru: Karan Nangru

It is highly likely that if you have at any point of your development cycle fiddled around with the feature called - wmode, then you have landed into some trouble or the other. Brief introduction to wmode: ‘wmode’ stands for Windowless Mode. The wmode parameter is available in the object/embed tags used to place the […]