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Fibonacii series

over 9 years ago | Lakshman Prasad: becomingGuru.com

I absolutely love this program I wrote to solve the Project Euler 2 nd problem fib=[] def fibo(a=-1,b=1,upto=4000000): if a+b>=upto: return else: a,b=b,a+b fib.append(b) fibo(a,b) fibo() even=[i for i in fib if not i%2] print sum(even)

The Pythonic way!

over 9 years ago | Lakshman Prasad: becomingGuru.com

With my earlier experience of Project Euler (I used to solve in Java), after being quite well conversant in Python, I just had a re-look. I was simply pleased by the compactness, doing it in the pythonic way achieved. The question is to find the sum of all numbers between 1 and 1000 that are divisible by either 3 or 5. Here is how simply, we can do it in python: a=[i for i in xrange(1000) if not (i%3 and i%5)] print sum(a)